The Mill Yard

The Mill Yard
Always call ahead to confirm your pick-up time.
ill Yard & Office: M-F 8am-5pm.
Saturdays by appointment only.
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New Prices

Please see our PINE and OAK pages for updated pricing.

More Bullet Boards

Four White Pine boards with a dozen+ bullets embedded in the wood.
This tree was harvested on county land south of International Falls, MN.
Someone must have used this particular tree for target practice.
These boards would make amazing mounting boards for deer antlers.
Or perhaps you have another woodworking project that would take advantage of the unique character found in these boards.
Call Don at 218-766-7748 for more information and pricing.

Two of a Kind...Bullet Boards

One of the sawyers noticed something unusual about a pair of boards that came off his mill this week...
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A bullet shot into the trunk of the tree years ago had been perfectly bisected by the saw.
These two boards each possess a perfectly inlaid copper and lead bullet.

Imagine the conversation piece these matching boards could produce...
A coffee table top...or a mounting board for a set of antlers...

These White Pine boards are both 8 foot long.  One is 1"x16" and the other is 1"x 12".
Contact Don at 218-766-7748 for more information.

One-of-a-kind White Pine Tree Top

This unique white pine tree top could be the focal point of your new or remodeled home.
Photos don't do it justice.  This tree has intertwined limbs and limbs that have grown into each other.  It is approximately 12 feet long and could be used as a support post, a corner post, a spiral staircase center post, or any other dynamic, creative way you and your builder can imagine.
Call Don at 218-766-7748 if you want to incorporate this amazing piece of the forest into your living space!
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Cedar Fence Posts & Poles

Cedar fence posts and cedar poles are available at Wille Logging.
Diameters from 4" and up.
Power washing available.
Call Don at 218-766-7748 for more info and pricing.

Long Lengths Lumber

Here is some 24 foot, 2"x6" material ready for the customer.
Wille Logging can saw timbers up to 45 feet long WITHOUT having to turn the log on the mill and start sawing from the opposite end.  The longest log sawed to date was 57 feet.  But lengths up to around 80-90 feet are possible.